All of our projects follow a three-part process, rooted in strategy and communication. We see ourselves as more than just designers and creative thinkers. We are your partners, here to help solve problems and create value for your company.



Impactful brands aren’t built overnight. They’re built on the foundation of sound strategy and a deep understanding of your market, company, and customers. It’s why we begin all our projects with an emphasis on discovery, taking the time to explore the inner workings of your project from the very beginning. We achieve this by leveraging a tactical mix of audits, strategy sessions, surveys, and research. Through this process, we address perceptions surrounding your brand as well as defining traits and key opportunities. We take an honest look at where you’re at, where you envision going, and what it will take to get there.


Once there are clear definitions surrounding your brand and its future, we put pen to paper, developing a strategic roadmap that will serve as a guide for the remainder of your project. We propose and implement creative solutions for amplifying your brand’s greatest strengths and capitalizing on opportunities within your market.



Once the discovery phase of your project is complete and a bulletproof strategy has been defined, it’s time to translate ideas into action. Through a deliberate and artful blend of words, design, and imagery, our creative team will begin producing the tangibles of your brand.


This phase is highly collaborative and often revolves around lively discussion, experimentation, and bold iterations of concepts. We make sure all the powerful components of your brand have been coaxed to the forefront, resulting in a stunning visual representation of your company ethos. The numerous components generated during this phase come together as your brand’s aesthetic ecosystem – critical parts working together to form an impactful whole.



It’s the third and final phase of our process model, the moment it all comes together. Your strategy is solid, your brand aesthetic is spot on, and it’s time to make a bold statement by unveiling your work with intention and care. We take into consideration each audience your brand reaches – including employees, customers, investors, and the public – and develop customized plans to address their needs.


We ensure the new components of your brand cascade seamlessly through every touch point of the internal and external brand experience. From marketing strategy and templates to staff communication and signage, we utilize proven methods to effectively launch your new look. This critical phase protects the time, money, and energy you just invested by ensuring consistency, alignment, and understanding among all stakeholders.



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