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Ball Corporation is a leading global supplier of innovative, sustainable metal packaging for beverages, food, and household products as well as other goods, services, and technologies for commercial and government customers. In 2016, MASV began working with the marketing team of Ball’s Aerosol Division, in partnership with Lumenati, to create award-winning aerosol can designs that showcase Ball’s printing innovations and capabilities.

360° Futuristic

Ball asked MASV to create a special aluminum aerosol can design that would showcase their one of a kind 360 embossing technology. Since the technology was so forward thinking and allowed for 360 embossing around the entire can, we developed a futuristic design that would stand out and showcase the technology.

360 Awards
MASV - Award Badges

Tactile Ink

Ball tasked MASV to come up with a custom illustrated design to showcase their tactile, or raised ink, printing innovation. The result was an award-winning marriage of innovation and design.

Matte & Gloss

Ball sought out MASV to create an elegant and powerful design using a combination of their matte and gloss ink finishes. The subtle contrast of gloss branches against the matte black background lay a perfect canvas for the bright red blossoms to pop.


Ball approached MASV to create a sophisticated design to premier their state-of-the-art metallic Ink application technology. Glossy silver ink shines brightly against the matte purple backdrop.

360° - Bee Hive

MASV was hired to create a series of designs to show off the capabilities of Ball’s 360˚ custom shaping process. This design highlights the asymmetrical application of this embossing method.

Infinity Tactile Ink Threaded Aluminum Bottle

MASV designed a custom illustrated Koi fish to showcase Ball’s new Infinity Threaded Aluminum Bottle. The combination of colorful printing and the tactile, or raised ink, finish bring the illustration to life both visually and to the touch.

BeBo3 Threaded Bottle

MASV was tasked  to create a bold and fierce design to showcase Ball’s Eyeris® High-Definition printing on the new BeBo3 Threaded Aluminum Bottle. Eyeris® is especially useful for printing high detailed images like fur. As one of the fiercest animals on the planet, a Rocky Mountain Grizzly was a natural fit.

Bebo3 Threaded Bottle

Ball asked MASV to create a design for the new BeBo3 Threaded Aluminum Bottle showcasing the power of their High-Definition Eyeris® Printing technique. The intricate detail of the beautiful humming bird is both refined an engaging while celebrating the sustainability and beauty of recycled aluminum.

360° Alumnimum Bottle

MASV was hired to create a series of designs to show off the capabilities of Ball’s 360˚ innovative technique. A geometric design paired with UV reactive, or glow in the dark ink, highlight’s symmetrical 360˚shaping.

Dynamark Aluminum Cans
Dynamark Aluminum Cans


MASV developed four unique designs to showcase Ball Corporation’s Dynamark® capabilities. Dynamark® is a printing technology that addresses the mega-trend of individualization. This finishing solution easily integrates up to 24 different designs into existing print processes for all sizes of steel and aluminum cans and bottles, allowing customers to develop and deliver special promotions with greater ease.

AST aluminum Cans

AST® Aluminum Cans

MASV developed three unique designs to showcase Ball Corporation’s AST® aluminum cans. With contrasting colors to make the artwork pop we were able to make can that stands out against the competition.

Infinity Ocean Cans

Infinity® Aluminum
Threaded Bottles

MASV developed three designs using Balls Eyeris® technology to showcase their new Infinity® line of threaded bottles. Infinity® Aluminum Threaded Bottles are 100% recyclable and can replace wasteful plastic products. By using high resolution Eyeris® printing we were able to create eye-catching detailed designs that also have a deeper meaning: sustainability and helping our little friends around the planet stay safe.

Infinity Ocean Cans

Creative Direction
& Motion Graphics

In collaboration with Lumenati, MASV helped create Ball Corporation's informational video for their entire aluminum packaging department. We were in charge of creative direction and motion graphics with the goal of creating a futuristic and forward thinking approach to tackling this project. This video was created to give viewers an inside look of Ball's process and capabilities for aluminum packaging. After we developed the creative direction for this video, we created custom illustrations and animated them to get the message across in a clear and professional way.

ball video screenshot 1
ball video screen shot 2
ball video screenshot 3
ball video screenshot 4
ball video screenshot 5
ball video screenshot 6

Trade Show Booths

MASV has designed graphics for Ball Corporation's trade show booths that are on display at events all around the world for the last 3 years. Each event is unique, so we showcase different highlighted printing technologies at every trade show booth. We have also assisted with material sourcing and helped with large format printing.

dividing line
Tradeshow booth paris
dividing line
Tradeshow booth futuristic 1
Tradeshow booth futuristic 2



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